Latigos  are a great all purpose leather, strong & durable. While it may take a bit of time for the latigos to break in you end up with a lead to cherish.

Latigo Colors
8/9 - 9/10 oz.
Click on the color to see the name


6/7 oz.

Bullhides are more stretchy, springy than the latigos. They are wonderfully soft and supple right from the beginning. Still equally strong they are not suitable for all applications. ie; the tab of a buckle collar.

Bullhide Colors
7/8 oz.

Mellow Tanned 
These are the lightest weight leathers. Pair two at 5/16" and get a light fully twisted lead for a toy dog.

These metallics are ONLY intended for  3-4- oz TRIM COLORS
 and are not  suitable for use in all widths & leather pairings.


Please Note:  there is a relationship between the width and strength of the leather and the size and behavior of your dog. I want all the dogs to be safe and secure. If you have any questions please contact me.