On Lead has been a growing business since 1997, dedicated to crafting quality braided leather products for your dogs. There is no stitching or rivets used as these tend to pop or break long before your lead is worn out. All of the products are individually crafted with simple hand tools. No mass production or machinery allows me to customize almost any piece to suit your needs.

Sorry, I do not have a shopping cart. Please click the following LINK: Ordering options. Questions are always welcome, but if you have several it is better to give me a call.

My braided leads come in various lengths, widths and styles. Something for every dog and situation. To view the color swatches please click the LINK:   About the Leathers  which will show you the colors available in each of the different types of leathers. Crafters, tracking enthusiasts, scroll down the "Leathers" page for info on scraps.
Braided collars are available in a flat braided style and a fully braided style. Collars are sized by the actual holes punched. So, if your dogs neck measures 16" a 14-18" collar would be good for you.
The accessories include couplers for 2 dogs, grab and agility tabs and handles for keeping your dog close to you.
I also offer a line of rolled leather collars by Wilson Manufacturing. for your coated breeds.
Quantity pricing available for trainers, training facilities, stores, etc.
I mainly attend shows in Eastern PA and New Jersey. Please click the following link for my show schedule: dog shows
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